YoloDice is one of the newer sites in this business. It is a great looking site run by a very trusted owner. YoloDice may look a bit odd but it’s very easy to navigate through the site.

Provably Fair
You can be sure that they cannot manipulate the game in any way since YoloDice is provably fair site.

Games/ House Edge
YOLOdice offers only a dice game. House edge on their dice game is just 1%.

Software/ Interface
You can choose between the light and the dark theme. Personally, we like the dark theme a bit more than the light theme, just because that combination of grey and dark grey really gives that professional look to the site, it’s just beautiful.
Overall UI is great, you will find your way around in no time. Everything that you need is right there, on sight.
Game is smooth as silk and we haven’t experienced any lags while we played there.
YOLOdice is a mobile-friendly site.

Accepted Cryptocurrencies
You can choose between 3 different cryptocurrencies to play with: Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

Account/ Account Security
When it comes to security, at YOLOdice they really put an effort to provide you with a lot of options to secure your account better. You can link your email address to your account and receive the critical news, notifications about the updates or for any security issue.
Beside setting a password, if you enable 2FA on your account, you will be able to set it for more features, which is a great way to secure your account.

You can set your 2FA to be required every time you:
Sign in with master address
Sign in with login&password (if Classic Login is enabled)
Withdraw bitcoins to your master address
Withdraw bitcoins to an address other than your master address
Open and close investments
Exchange coins
Play the game
Send tips to other users in Chat
Create new API keys and change existing keys.

They really put an effort in the security and we absolutely love that.

Regulation/ US Players
There are no restrictions, you can play no matter where you live.

Promotions/ Giveaways
First and the biggest thing is that YOLOdice offers is a JACKPOT. They also offer Rakeback promotion. Rakeback is a way to get paid for playing. Once you level-up your account you can get back up to 30% of site edge back to your balance.
Rakeback starts when you reach level 7. You can then claim Rakeback for everything you have played till then!
There are also giveaways on their official Twitter account, constant trivia games on chat as well as a lot of generous players.

The game needs the bankroll so that players can place bets. If a player wins, the funds move from the bankroll to the player. If a player loses, the funds move from the player to the bankroll.
At YOLOdice it’s the investors that supply funds for the bankroll in exchange for shares proportional to their contribution.
Investors can open and close investment positions at any time. The moment an investment is opened, the initial investment amount is exchanged for the share in site effective bankroll with percentage equal to the ratio of contributed funds to the effective bankroll fund. When an investment is closed, the share is exchanged back for funds according to the current bankroll amount.
Note that percentage share does not need to be constant during investment lifetime. If other investments are opened or closed, the share of existing investments can be modified. In the examples however for simplicity we usually assume the share is constant.
As an investor you can provide funds for the game bankroll in exchange for share in profits. You can start with as little as 0.005 BTC. Your investment gives you a percentage share in bankroll which translates directly to a share in site profits.

Customer Support
There is no way for you to reach the customer support through the live chat. The only way to reach them is via email. However, there are moderators on chat that will be more than happy to help you. But if you have some major problem that requires help from the support team, you will have to be a little bit patient until they reply.

BitcoinTalk Trust/ Overall Trust
They have a really neat BitcoinTalk thread started by Ethan, site’s owner. No one had any complaints about them so far and we will freely say that you can trust¬† YOLOdice.

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  • Provably Fair
  • Investment option
  • Fast withdrawals
  • Easy to use
  • Free Faucet


  • No live support
  • Only 1 game available


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