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Provably fair is the future of gambling and every casino that is not provably fair will eventually stop working. You should not trust every site because many of them are not provably fair and they manipulate bets’ outcome. In the simplest way possible, we will explain what the provably fair system is and how it works.

You hear the term Provably Fair here and there, but you are not really sure what it means when it comes to online casinos. We will explain everything to you before you start gambling.
Most of the players think that they can be cheated on an online casino, they are right in most cases. It is, technically, very easy for an online casino to “cheat” on you.
That is why in the Bitcoin gambling world we have a solution called “Provably Fair”. When the casino is provably fair, it allows you to verify every single bet, to make sure you’re not being cheated.

“Provably Fair” system provides a way for both the casinos and players to contribute to number randomization, which removes any possibility of cheating (explained below).

How does the “Provably Fair” system work?

There are a several Provably Fair methods, we will describe the most common one.
With this method, each result is determined by these 3 variables:

  1. Server seed (provided by the site)
  2. Client seed (provided by your browser and adjusted by you)
  3. Nonce (A number that increases with each bet you make)

You will get an encrypted hash of the server seed from the site in advance, so there is no way for the site to change it afterwards. It is, however, encrypted and you cannot calculate your own roll results in advance (only after you change your seed).
As far as client seed goes, your browser will generate a random client seed. You can adjust your own client seed if you want to make sure the site does not know your client seed in advance.
Nonce is the number which increases by 1 with every bet you make. Nonce can either start from 0 or 1, it depends on the website.