LuckyGames claims to be one of the best Provably Fair gambling sites that provides the best gambling experience in this business.

Provably Fair
Provably fair system makes their site manipulation free.

Games/ House Edge
At the moment, Luckygames offers 5 different games. House Edge varies from 1-2%. The most popular game is Dice, followed by Roulette, Balls, Cells, and Hacker. Dice and Roulette are one of the most popular games in the online gambling world and we will now talk about the remaining 3 games, which are awesome.

The main goal of this game is to pick a winning ball. There are 11 balls with numbers on them, and you can choose up to 9 of them. The more balls you choose the smaller payout you will get. The minimum bet multiplier on this game is 1.21 and it can go up to 10.89, depending on how many balls you choose. After you choose desired number of balls, a magnet will go left and right and it will randomly pull one up. They also offer automated betting allowing you to choose your own limits and speed settings on this game. The minimum bet amount is 1 Satoshi and the maximum bet amount is 0.1 BTC. The house edge on this game is 1%.

Cells is the only game at that is a multiplayer game, which means that other players may play with you on the same grid. This game is a lot like mine sweeper game but instead of avoiding mines, you need to hit payouts. There are 195 cells from which 78 are opened in every round. Once those 78 cells are opened, new round starts. You can multiply your bet up to 5 times. The minimum bet amount is 1 Satoshi and the maximum bet amount is 0.1 BTC. House edge on this game is 2%.

They use a simple verification system that allows players to check the integrity of every round and confirm they have not been manipulated. There is Round Hash available at the beginning of each round, which is generated by the following script:
$round_hash = hash_hmac(‘sha256’, $round_data, $round_key);
Round Data contains location of rewards. Round Key is sha256 string. Both of these values are disclosed, when the round finishes.

Cells game is great looking, however, there was a serious scam accusation about and about Cells game being manipulated. Here is the link to that scam accusation
The owner of the site also posted about this, confessing that they did manipulate the game for that particular user “because he cheated” and they wanted to get back to him. You can find more information here on this link

At the time of writing this review, that game was working great and we did verify our bets multiple times without any issues.

They call it Hacker because in this game you need to “hack” the sites. Imagine, that you are a professional hacker! You need to hack as many websites as you can and escape before getting busted. This game was created for the purpose of warning the real hackers not to abuse bugs or injections. This game also reminds us of the mine sweeper game. There are 40 cells available and you can choose from 1 up to 38 sites to “hack”. House edge on this game is 1%. This game is currently in beta and you can only play it with Lucky tokens (their faucet).

Software/ Interface is one of the best-looking sites out there. Both, day and night mode are great, easy on the eyes. The main menu Is on the left of the page, and you can turn on/off everything whenever you want. The only thing we didn’t like is their chat because it has something like a blind spot. When you scroll, the chat will not stop going at the same time as you stop scrolling, and it has that spot where you scroll up and down in order to see a certain message but you just can’t.

Accepted Cryptocurrencies
At you can choose between 53 cryptocurrencies to play with. They also have the cryptocurrency exchange where you can exchange your coins for some other coins. That’s a great feature so you don’t have to bother with registering on an exchange office.

Account/ Account Security
They’re using HTTP secure with a valid SSL certificate. The site is not listed as suspicious. Players can choose to remain anonymous while they play. To secure your account, you can set a password and a recovery email. There’s also an option to enable 2FA.

Regulation US/UK/AUS Players
Players from the USA/ UK and Australia are accepted here as well, however, you should check the regulations of your country.

Promotions/ Giveaways has a lot of really nice giveaways which are generally hosted on their BitcoinTalk thread. They’re also sending tips to their active chatters every day. Moreover, they have a deposit bonus when you reach a certain level and there is a generous Jackpot, about which you will find more information on their site.

One of the most awesome parts of the site is their store. You can buy a lot of stuff, from VIP membership, Sonny PlayStation 4 to Apple’s MacBook Pro. We really like this part of the site.

Customer Support
Their customer support service is pretty bad, to be honest. It says that they typically reply under 5 minutes but that is not exactly the truth. For a simple reply we have waited for 5 hours. If you have some problem that needs to be solved as soon as possible, we’re afraid that you’ll have to wait. One of the worst customer support teams that we have come across.

BitcoinTalk Trust/ Overall Trust has a neat thread on BitcoinTalk, they have a lot of players who are active there as well. You can find their thread here.  As we mentioned this earlier, they got a pretty serious accusation against them, and even their owner made a confession that they did manipulate the game for the particular user.

They have a provably fair system indeed and we had no problems at any point. With that said, regardless of that scam accusation, this site is a good place to play on. We will, however, follow their activity on a daily basis and we’ll investigate this further.

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  • Provably fair
  • A lot of cryptocurrencies available
  • Deposit bonuses
  • Store 


  • Unprofessional support team
  • Limited number of games
  • Shady background
  • Serious scam accusation


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